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We Get to Answer Your Most Frequently Asked Questions!

We have gotten your questions and have answered them countless times that we decided to make their public information. This would definitely help a lot of our future customers who plan to ask the same questions you have about our services. We want our customers to feel at ease and learn about our services as conveniently or quickly as possible. Of course, this does not rule out the fact that you can always give us a call for any concerns.

What year was your company founded?

Alfa & Omega Construction LLC was established as a residential and commercial painting company in 2018 but our team has been working in the painting industry for 15 years already. We want to make this clear so our customers can understand that we have years of experience.

What services have you been offering since?

We have been offering commercial or residential painting service to customers in Springfield, OR. We offer and mostly work only with painting walls or the interior and exterior parts of a home or commercial establishment.

How does your service work? Do I buy the paint?

Our exterior or interior painter would be the one buying the paint and everything else. Everything we buy for the job would be included with the bill or the estimate if you would ask for one.

Would I have to pay for the tools and supplies?

This is subject to an agreement between us and you. We already have most of the equipment but there would be things that cannot be reused that we would have to buy and include in your bill.

Will I have to prepare the space for the paint job?

No. You can leave the whole thing to us. We are a painting contractor after all. It is our job to make it convenient for our clients to have their homes or commercial spaces painted.

Would I need to do any heavy lifting?

No. If you hire us to paint your home which would have a lot of furniture to be move, you would not have to do any of the heavy lifting. We are an interior and exterior house painting company that believes our customers should feel relieved when they hire us.

What will you do with the old chipped-off paint?

We would be removing old paint from your walls before we paint over them as this would ensure a smooth and fine finish. We would also be cleaning your walls or smoothen them for the paint job.

Do you provide any discounts?

Yes. We do provide discounts for seniors, military, and new customers. Our discounts are up to 10% so take advantage of it today and book a service with us right away.

If you still find our services a little bit confusing or need some assistance with the booking process, all you have to do is dial (541) 321-9898 to reach us. Alfa & Omega Construction LLC would be more than happy to assist you in any way we can when it comes to learning more about the company and the services we offer in Springfield, OR.

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